Reading inspiration: January 2021 list
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As I love reading and find it a great way to relax, learn and escape into fascinating worlds and experience new or forgotten feelings, I want to give you some reading recommendations each month. Here’s the January list; I’ve grouped them into fiction and lifestyle – enjoy!  

FICTION: all the books written by Agnès Martin-Lugand that you can get  

I’ve started with “Happy People Read and Drink Coffee,” then with its continuation, “Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy.” They got me so caught up that I skipped sleep just to finish each of them once started. Still, my favorite ones were (so far), “À la lumière du petit matin” or “Lumina unui nou inceput” (sorry, I didn’t find it in English) and “Une évidence” or “Ceea ce nu poate fi ascuns.” I still have a couple of her books lined-up, and I can’t wait to have some peace and quiet to read them.  

HISTORY: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World  

Just brilliant. I don’t really love history; until recently, it meant just years I could never remember. Up until I discovered this book, the Silk Roads, about the first Silk road and how the world’s history unfolded around the same route, carved by old and modern slavery, wars, and repeated mistakes. I was fascinated to discover it all, and it’s one of the few books I’ve rated 5* on my read books on Goodreads.  

(Romanian) LIFESTYLE: Stil de viata, nu dieta  

E o carte in romana, care iti explica de ce dietele nu te vor ajuta niciodata sa ramai la greutatea la care ai ajuns prin intermediul lor. Afli cum si ce sa mananci in loc, si care sunt de fapt secretele unei alimentatii care sa devina stilul tau de viata si sa te ajute sa fii sanatos, si normoponderal. Chiar daca am mai citit multe carti de genul, felul cum sunt elaborate lucrurile, si cele cateva principii explicate de Valentin Vasile chiar m-au ajutat sa inteleg cum sta treaba cu proteinele, carbohidratii si grasimile, si ce greseli mici, sau mari, faceam pana acum. O recomand cu incredere!

Hope you liked my January recommendations; sorry for the titles that weren’t available in English and my switching to Romanian for that bit. By the way, you can follow me on Goodreads to find more inspiration related to books.   

What’s a book you’ve read recently and loved a lot? Thanks for sharing!