Reading inspiration: March 2021 list

While you can check the January and February reading lists for further inspiration, below are some titles I’ve read for the first time or re-read this month that I recommend. They match so much not only the month of March, in general, a month of rebirth, but also the year 2021, a year since the pandemic started with its lockdowns and madness taking a massive toll on our mental everything and life in general.  

These books are like a breath of fresh air through their optimism and push towards seeing life a bit different, with changes coming mainly from you. Let’s deep dive and see what I mean. ?  

The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking  

Hygge is a concept referring to the Danish way to reach happiness. You might know that Danes are considered some of the happiest people on Earth, and this book explores the why. From lighting and coziness to summer and Christmas, the book explores the simple principles and ways to pay more attention to small things and thus be happier. I wrote an entire article about it; go check it out to find out more until you manage to read the book.   

The Little Book of Lykke, by the same Meik Wiking  

Meik is the CEO of the Happiness Institute in Copenhagen. Yes, you got it right; there is an institute dedicated to studying what makes people happy. This book about Lykke, the Danish word for happiness, explores how one person and their community can have a greater sense of a life well spent. The ingredients of this recipe are, according to the book, belonging to a community, health, freedom, trust, goodness, and money (not to be rich but to be able to live comfortably). I loved the book, the studies, the examples, and the perspective upon life the book opens up. Highly recommended read!  

The Art of Making Memories, by Meik Wiking  

A book that teaches you how to collect and remember happy moments. Our brain is designed to retain the negative and the bad, so the book is a conscious exercise helping you switch that around. Enhance the beauty of a new beginning, live through emotions, experience with all your senses, or tell stories are just a few things the book teaches us how to do. Another positive book with meaning that I think everyone should read. I’ll definitely talk about these concepts in future blog posts here.  

And what about you? Any books you’ve read that you found absolutely fantastic and would be keen to share here?