A rant about busyness in times of pandemic

Some of us experience a surge in volumes of work these months trying to make up for the crisis happening or the one we’re expecting to happen in the world today. Fear, panic, or sheer precaution, close of the financial year, we’re going crazy trying to do more, push for more, and make more of things. But is this sustainable for the overall goals? Are we just becoming busier instead of smarter?

Since the pandemic kicked in, I feel like a rat going all directions, trying to align, team up, and fight the right battles. In the meantime, nerves are wreaking, mistakes are made, and I just feel progress is not as it should be. So, I stop and wonder, are we doing the right thing?

Is being busy the way to go? Of course, you want more results, growing is what we breathe and aim for. But what about less is more? Being crazy busy, tired after only half a day at work at home, exploding inside once a new request with an urgent deadline comes in. How is that sustainable long term?

Being busy is not a status symbol, in my opinion. And not suitable for the long term battle. It’s fun when you are on the last mile of the project launch, and everyone is stressed about taking it out in the world. But it stops being fun and productive once it becomes a constant for more than three months in.

And to be honest, being so busy while working at home, and having the same home space to relax afterward is close to nonsense. It doesn’t work for me at least long term. Work laptop is all the time at hand, messages pop-up, thoughts are still there even after-hours. I keep hoping if I’m solving just one more thing, if I’m pushing for yet another bit of work, things will be better tomorrow, but that’s an illusion. More things to do and solve will just keep coming.

This is just a rant, but a rant about a problem I believe I’m not the only one experiencing. And given this, what are we going to do about it?

My goal now is to stop being crazy busy. And start being smart busy. Making more of things via informed decisions, resources, capabilities, and, most important, goals. And allowing for time to think. I still don’t know how I’ll do that, but I’ve reached the moment to realize this is needed. For overall business health, for my mental health, for my team’s performance. I believe growth today can only be achieved if you outsmart the competitors. Not if you are just busy doing more of everything that your competition is doing.

What about you? If you feel trapped in the busyness arena, do you think it’s good busy, productive busy, or, if not, what do you plan to do about it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!